Insurance brokers Dorada Partners – get your insurance benefits easily!

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Insurance brokers Dorada Partners – get your insurance benefits easily!

Advantages of Cooperation with Brokers


Optimisation of the budget and analytical system, flexible product development


Insurance company reliability ratings, qualitative analysis and approval of contractual terms and conditions, prevention of unreasonable refusal and associated financial losses


Quality control of the services being provided, optimisation of insurance terms and conditions, and reduction of the Customer’s operating expenses for secondary activities


Approval of compromise clauses, exclusive wording of the contract, and loyal expert examination of insured events

Insurance is the category of the most complex financial services that is connected with a great number of conditions, reservations and exceptions

As a broker, we can influence the decisions taken by the insurance company owing to our expertise in the insurance industry as well as close business relationship with the Insurers.

If you have a controversial insured event, we will lend you a helping hand and deal with the insurer!

Broker’s Tasks



Development of the optimum insurance strategy with account of special aspects of the business



Budget optimisation

Improvement of insurance terms and conditions

Thorough analysis and approval of the contractual clauses

A well-developed contract is the fundamental guarantee of your insurance benefits!



Service quality control

Reduction of operating expenses

Prevention of unreasonable refusal and financial losses

Each Insured has their own representative acting on their behalf.

Dorada Partners offers reliable protection of your insurance interests!

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the Ukrainian market


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We provide our services to legal entities and individuals. The purpose of our operations is to optimise the Customer’s insurance expenditures and obtain the best terms and conditions available at the Ukrainian insurance service market.

If you have any special insurance needs, Dorada Partners will find the best solution!

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Advantages of Our Insurance Services



Our strength is that we know resources of the insurance company and latest tendencies at the insurance market. It has enabled us to create the exclusive insurance product at the best price.



We are on the Customer’s side, so we offer objective assessment of insurance companies.



Each Customer is a part of our reputation. That is why we maintain the high service quality, and around 90% of our Customers have been with us for more than five years.



Strong reputation of our insurance partners, top managers with 20 years of experience, focus on customers and responsibility have helped us establish the team of Dorada Partners we are proud of.



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Customised insurance with account of the company’s needs

Optimisation of the budget spent by the company for optional health insurance

Professional expert support (including by doctors) at all the stages of interaction with the insurance company


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Insurance against lost profit (income)

Insurance of accounts receivable


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Legal entities (real estate, equipment, machines, stock, other corporate assets)

Individuals (buildings and apartments; vehicles; household and country house property, other property)


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Freight insurance for export and import transactions

Freight insurance for intermediate warehousing


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Garden insurance against acts of nature, secondary diseases etc.

Agricultural machinery insurance

Cattle insurance

Insurance against total or partial loss of plants or crops


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Third-party liability insurance for legal entities and individuals

Environmental pollution liability insurance

Professional liability insurance

Product/work/service liability insurance


Director and officer liability insurance (D&O)


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Comprehensive insurance

Compulsory public liability insurance

Voluntary public liability insurance

Driver and passenger accident insurance


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Life insurance

Accident insurance

Insurance against critical diseases in Ukraine and abroad

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We are trusted

Customers’ Feedback

During the period of our cooperation, Dorada has established itself as a reliable insurance broker that responds promptly to our requests.

We consider Dorada’s high professionalism, as well as individual approach and ability to solve non-standard issues within the framework of insurance contracts to be the main factor of our successful cooperation.

Their competence and attention to detail have aided in keeping our company performing the best quality of its services rendered.

I feel confident in recommending professional service of Dorada Partners. They are not only through, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss any concerns to come and respond to questions.

Over the years of joint work, insurance brokers have proved that they are reliable partners, a cohesive and competent team that is always ready to responsibly and quickly assist in resolving any issues at all stages of cooperation with Insurers.

First of all, we would like to note the high professionalism of Dorada employees, thanks to which the employees of our company received optimal conditions of health insurance.

Dorada has agreed for us exclusive terms of the insurance contract and carries out its constant support, helping to solve the arisen questions..

We confirm the effectiveness of the organization of the tender for insurance of our property, assistance in concluding an insurance contract and active assistance in settling the loss.

We provide our best recommendations to the insurance agency Dorada as an insurance broker as a professional consultant and insurance intermediary.



What will my benefits from cooperation with the broker be?

Everyone’s purpose is to select a “good” insurance company (based on our own experience, list of criteria or colleague’s recommendations).

However, do we ever assume that even the “good” Insurer can refuse to cover the risks when we are badly in need of such coverage and do not expect refusal?

The only fundamental guarantee of payment is a well-developed insurance contract with the Insurer that has been adequately selected.

The Broker’s main tasks are to objectively assess the insurance company and assist in development of the high-quality insurance product.

The Broker is your professional representative in connection with insurance who helps you get the efficient insurance product at the best price.

We let you know in advance how an insurance company will act not only at the stage of execution of the Contract, but also during settlement of insured events.

How is cooperation with the Broker documented?

We will need a signed authorisation letter to start working. By signing this letter, you authorise us to act on your behalf in the insurance area. Our authority is clearly established by the letter.

Please describe the procedure for regulation of payments by the insurance company.

We have the expert examination and settlement department, which protects our Customers’ interests in case of an insured event and assists in the following:

  • to duly inform of occurrence of the insured event;
  • to control and assist in collection of documents to get the payment;
  • to control timely payment;
  • to assist in approval (including in case of compromise).

The company’s Partners are engaged into settlement of large-scale losses (for instance, in property insurance). Their participation in operations facilitates prompt decision-making and personal control.

Health-related interests of the Insured are represented by the doctors with many years of experience, including in the insurance area. It is important since a person with no medical degree sometimes has difficulty even understanding, let alone appealing from actions of the coordinator doctor.

Our contact persons are always available if you have any questions!

Do you offer the same conditions as the other insurance companies, or can you offer better ones?

Our main task is to offer the best conditions. To confirm that, we can work with the offers you have already received from the Insurers and show the improvements that can be added at the same price of the package.

Expert Advice

Coronavirus infection insurance in Ukraine.
What is better: a payment programme or a medical aid programme?

The insurance companies offer a great number of COVID-19 protection insurance products, but how to choose the maximum protection for yourself and your relatives?

It should be noted that the market has two basic approaches to development of COVID insurance programmes:

1) Payment programmes. The programme works as life insurance. In case the insured event occurs (subject to the package, it can be COVID diagnosis, outpatient COVID treatment, inpatient COVID treatment and death benefit), the Insurer effects the fixed payment regardless of the amount of expenses incurred.

The following should be considered in such packages:

  • Term of the contract (most insurers offer six-month contracts).
  • Deferred period (as a rule, the insurance coverage enters into force in fourteen days following the date of the contract).
  • List of exceptions (you should make sure that it does not contain waiver of liability in case of severe related diseases).
  • It should be noted that there is a procedure for collecting documents for the compensation, and it will be very important to furnish adequate receipts, medical opinions etc.

2) Medical aid programmes. These are insurance programmes that work as classic health insurance.

The following should be considered in such packages:

  • The services always have separate limits, which should be established.
  • If the insurance company is unable to arrange free aid in the specific region, compensation for the expenses incurred can only be paid if there are fiscal receipts and doctor’s opinion.
  • The contract is made for a year and may be extended. You should check whether the initial PCR test is covered by the insurance.
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Do I need a family practitioner if there is health insurance?

The insurance company arranges medical aid both in private and state health care facilities regardless of a declaration with a family practitioner.

However, we recommend signing the declaration with a family practitioner.

Why do I need a family practitioner?

According to the order of the Ministry of Health, COVID-19 pertains to the “especially hazardous infections” (alongside with plague, cholera etc.) and is controlled by family practitioners within the state programme, so:

1) If there are any COVID complications, referral to hospital admission can be given to a patient by a family practitioner only.

2) In most cases, a sick leave certificate can be issued by a family practitioner, where necessary.

3) In some Ukrainian cities, private hospitals do not admit patients with suspected COVID and recommend calling the family practitioner. In this case, the insurance company can organise online medical consultation (from a hospital in another city) in order to arrange testing and supply of medicinal products/diagnostics with account of the prescription.

NB: The disease is characterised by aggressive clinical behaviour and quick deterioration in the condition so timely therapy following high-quality diagnostics (which is not performed online) is the only way to ensure quick and positive dynamics.

In this regard, we recommend taking care of yourself and your health in advance and signing the declaration with the family practitioner.

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In what cases is the Insurer ready to pay for damaged property?

When you choose the insurance coverage, you should know the following:

An insured event under the property insurance contract is destruction of, damage to or loss of the insured property as a result of unforeseen factors, including the following:

fire, explosion (including gas explosion), lighting strike, natural disasters, land slide, earthquake, impact of water or other liquids, illegal third-party actions (including theft, robbery, disorderly conduct, mugging, arson), falling of trees and other foreign items etc.

In fact, the above list contains basic fears of a common person, and all of them can be insured.

Full or partial indemnity?

We are the only ones to decide what payment to expect because we assess the value of the insured property on our own at the beginning of the insurance procedure, and if this assessment is consistent with the actual market value, we can expect full compensation for losses.


In case the insured amount as of the date of the Contract constitutes a portion of the value of the property insured under the Contract (partial value), the indemnity is paid in respect of the same portion of the losses within the insured event.

If the building/apartment is found to be a total loss, the full value of the property is subject to indemnity.


The list of exceptions is the list of cases with no coverage. It should be considered on your own or together with professionals to make sure that it does not contain so called hidden pitfalls and ambiguous wordings.

It should be noted that the following expenses are generally not subject to indemnity:

– as a result of collapse of the building or parts thereof due to design or construction errors; construction material defects, disrepair of the structure, partial destruction or damage following long-term operation.

Can it be a basis for denial of the claim with no adequate expert opinions and evidence? – No, it can’t.

The insurance company takes a decision on indemnity only after the certificates issued by the competent authorities responsible for establishing the causes of the corresponding event are considered.

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What aspects should be considered while you are choosing the insurance coverage?

It is up to you whether to ask your relatives and friends for help, to collect money by posting information on social media or to insure your own property/life/health, but, if you favour insurance, your indemnity can only be guaranteed by the well-established insurance contract and the responsible approach to selection of the insurance company!

There are only three factors that influence your indemnity:

1) adequate expectations: before the contract is signed, everyone must understand clearly what is covered, and what is not;

2) the contract must be focused on the broad coverage rather than the lowest price;

3) a reliable insurance company must be selected.

If you have any doubts, we are always happy to share our expertise and help you choose the protection from existing risks!

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